Why mattress cleaning?

Because mattresses can't be washed!

Mites and microbes find ideal life and growth conditions in mattresses. Dander, dust, sweat, etc. feeds the mites with nutrients. Even the densest sheet can not protect before those particles.

Every human being spends almost a third of his life in bed!

Dust mites are present today in almost every mattress. This is not a sign of poor hygiene or poor treatment - but still a problem.

In every common mattress there can be found up to two million mites! They produce mite feces, which evoke allergies and leave the mattress with every movement on it.

Mite feces are a major cause for allergies, manifested by itching, mucosal inflammation and bronchitis.

How does the mattress-cleaning work?

A certified POTEMA®-service-partner comes to you and checks the condition of your mattress. In the course of this a small part of the mattress is cleaned and a test on allergenic mite feces is made. 

When you give the order to clean the mattress, the complete mattress is being cleaned thoroughly with the special POTEMA®-cleaning-system.

The POTEMA®-mattress-cleaning-machine generates high-frequency oscillations. Dirt-particles inside the mattress are solved, pulverized and removed in a vacuum precisely matched to mattresses.


At the same time an intense UV radiation causes extensive destruction of bacteria, viruses and spores.

The cleaning process is harmless to the material, suitable for all mattresses and causes no noise or dust. Harmless to humans and the environment.

Afterwards the surface of the mattress is treated with POTEMA®-mattresses-clean-spray, which prevents mites from reproduction.

If you have cleaned your mattress by a certified POTEMA®-partner, you will receive a seal of approval, to affix onto the mattress.

Only approved POTEMA®-partners work according to our strict guidelines that ensure a successful and thorough mattress cleaning.